Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas lane

greetings internet voidians, jingle freaks and true believers everywhere.

we here at Magic Kids are all still busy in our workshop, preparing our next multimedia assault to strike you down when it's least on your mind. probably as you're losing your job, then BAM- new songs, music videos and more- THIS IS MAGIC KIDS.

in the meantime, let's take a short trip down christmas lane, shall we?

"video flyer" promoting the Barbaras 2007 christmas show (with the Strange Boys), filmed by Chuck Vicious. featuring future magic kids Bennett, Will and Al, plus Stephen Pope and willy nilly 69. classic treasure!
Donny Perry's photos from the show are HERE.

Will and Ben's other current band Toxie doing wham! last year, with Alex Burden, Madison Farmer, plus Bennett on guest lead vocals.

Boston Chinks had a song called "let it snow." I think it's about christmas cheer. here it is in 2007, that's Bennett on bass.

Bonus photos of the Barbaras 08 christmas show HERE!
the Barbaras' unlikely retrospective/album came out this year; it's not too late to give it as a boxing day gift.

The Barbaras 2006-2008 at Goner

let's hope santa sees his shadow so we get six more weeks of christmas. thanks, thanks, thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks.