Monday, January 24, 2011

mystery tune

I woke up this morning with a very brief snippet of a song stuck in my head that I couldn't place, and it's been driving me crazy all day. When I played it on guitar for Bennett, it started driving him crazy too, so it seemed like a good question to take to the internet.

!!!!!!!!HERE'S THE MP3!!!!!!!!

First person to accurately guess the song we're thinking of gets a No-Prize.

What seemed at first like a shortcut to an answer is starting to reveal potential as a sort of game, which might be worth repeating here. See, we've got some pretty strong hunches as to what the song might be, but since we're consulting you before confirming the answer ourselves, it's more than just a "name that tune" game; you also have the whims and delusions of our stupid brains to contend with. It might be something really obvious and famous, but it's also entirely possible that whatever I'm playing on guitar is A) nothing like the song we're thinking of, or B) from an imaginary song. Half the stuff we thought we accidentally ripped off on Memphis ended up not being at all how we remembered it.

Doesn't count if you know another song with this melody. Multiple chances for No-Prizes if it turns out me and Bennett were thinking of different songs. If no one gets it I'll post the answer in a week, for sake of completeness.

I just hope it doesn't end up being the Beach Boys.



  1. Is it The Osmonds?

  2. not the Osmonds, but thanks for guessing.