Monday, January 10, 2011

willy nilly SR.

Billy Hayes, our former bandmate in a ton of bands, left his most recent gig in Wavves a few months ago, but not before recording a few more songs. (Since I'm not sure how often people will end up mentioning this angle elsewhere) the new Wavves track released today was originally Billy's brainchild, and features his vocals, keyboards and drums!

Check it out: Wavves - "Stained Glass (Won't You Let Me Into Yr Heart)"
probably even Hayes-ier than any previous Wavves tunes. (he also wrote "Baby Say Goodbye" and "Convertible Balloon" on their King of the Beach album)

Check out his soundcloud for some more recent Billy solo trax. Even more patented Billy haze to swim through (with surprise appearances from Al and Bennett!)
Latest tracks by billy hayes

While we're at it.. here is the original 4-track version of "Baby Say Goodbye," with Billy on drums and lead vocals, Al on guitar, Stephen Pope on bass and a guitar solo from me.


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